40 Thinkery Campers’ Get Inside Look Into World of Medicine

On Thursday, more than 40 summer campers from Austin, Texas’ children’s museum, the Thinkery, received an introduction to medicine from Children’s Urology’s, Dr. Danielle Sweeney.

Thinkery camp coordinator, Amy Wiggins, explained that the purpose of the visit is to connect the children with local innovators who are using skills taught in the camp such as creative problem solving, curiosity, a joy of learning and collaboration. The campers ranged between 10-12 years of age.

“We want the campers to gain role models in the STEAM fields that they can both look up to. In this way, we’re offering an opportunity to put a face and a career with all of the fun STEAM learning they are doing at the Thinkery,” said Wiggins.Blood Pressure_Thinkery

STEAM programs are designed to inspire children in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Dr. Sweeney and other medical staff from Children’s Urology and the ‘Specially for Children surgical center showed campers how to take blood pressure, why taking a temperature is important, where the kidneys and bladder are located and what type of preparation is Surgery Center_Thinkeryneeded for surgeries.

In the ultrasound room, each camper had a chance to see  what their kidneys, bladder, heart and bones look like inside the body. Many “ooohs” and “that’s cool” were exclaimed by campers particularly when the technician showed how the ultrasound can display blood moving in and out of the organs using various bright colors.

The children took home surgical caps, masks, and gloves and  a picture they created themselves of the urinary tract system.

Dr. Sweeney has long been a supporter of the Thinkery, particularly in their promotion of STEAM subjects to children. This is her third year leading a tour for campers.