Arriving from Nigeria, Baby Olamide Finds New Hope: Kidney Removal Surgery

Before two-and-a-half-year-old Olamide Pearce was born in his home country of Nigeria, his parents traveled to the United States with the hopes of finding better medical care for  their unborn child.

Prenatal tests revealed a strong possibility that Olamide’s left kidney was deformed so they knew they would need specialized medical care.

A few days after Olamide was born, doctors confirmed he had multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, a common type of renal cystic disease caused by abnormal kidney formation during a baby’s development. The disease causes irregular cysts to form on the kidney and causes it to function abnormally. Fortunately, Olamide’s other kidney was healthy, so removing the bad kidney would allow him to lead a normal, healthy life.

Olamide’s aunt lives in Austin, Texas and the family was referred to Dr. Jose Cortez and the team at Children’s Urology for treatment. At two years old, Olamide’s body was mature enough for the nephrectomy, or kidney removal surgery.

On September 22, 2014, Dr. Cortez performed the surgery. It was a success, Olamide only spent one night in the hospital and within a few weeks he was able to return to Nigeria.

Today, Olamide’s family says he acts like any other toddler his age and especially enjoys playing with his older sister, Lase. His future is bright and he will only one follow up visit to Children’s Urology to check on his progress.

In a letter sent to Dr. Cortez a few weeks after returning home, Olamide’s father, Lekan, was filled with gratitude:

“Thanks for your shower of love all through Olamide’s surgery procedure.
We so much appreciate you all.
 Dr. Jose Cortez helped us to look forward to the surgery with excitement.
And to Elvia, who became Olamide’s angel, your assistance made it possible.

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