Please Excuse Our Mess…We're Moving to a New Electronic Medical Records System

It’s not your typical ‘construction’ project. There will not be dust or demolition. In fact, there won’t be a hammer or nail involved. Rather, we’re working on a big behind-the-scenes undertaking to improve or EMR or Electronic Medical Records system.

The project entails moving from our current EMR to a new one known as Cerner, which is the EMR currently used by Dell Children’s Medical Center. The result will be easier coordination among your Children’s Urology providers and other care team, when needed. By using the same EMR as one of the major local hospital system, Seton Healthcare Family, we will be able to more easily share medical notes, lab work, imaging and other important medical information in a safe and secure way. The new system also interfaces more smoothly with the current EMR used at St. David’s Healthcare.

The project is just being rolled out so we expect a few technical hiccups along the way. Please bear with us as we go through this process that will add great benefits to your healthcare quality and experience.

FAQs about Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

What are the benefits of EMR?

Some benefits include improved quality and convenience of patient care and better coordination between our physicians and your other care providers. Patients will also be able to access their medical records through a patient portal.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We are using a highly-experienced, reputable company for our EMR system, the same one currently used by Dell Children’s Medical Center. The EMR includes numerous safeguards for protecting patient information. Ensuring your information is safe and secure is our highest priority.

What changes will I see?

While the new patient portal will allow you access to your medical record, the majority of work will not be visible to you. This purpose of the project is to improve the coordination of care, particularly, for patients who have multiple care providers.

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