How We Can Help Bed Wetting

Both the Children's Hospital of Boston and the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) state an estimated 13 to 20 percent of five-year-old children wet the bed. Additionally, 10 percent of seven-year-olds and five percent of children 10 years of age wet the bed, making it a common problem. It can not only be upsetting to the child, but it can also be frustrating to parents. Fortunately, at Children's Urology, serving Austin and Cedar Park, TX, one of our specialists can help if your child is dealing with bedwetting. Here's how.

Determining the Cause 

Before we intervene with any medical treatment, we first get to the source of the problem. Sometimes, the issue stems from your child not being aware he or she needs to use the bathroom while sleeping. This is primary bedwetting and may occur because the brain isn't alerting your kid's body that he or she needs to wake up. Your little one's kidneys may produce an excess of urine overnight. It's also possible that your child's bladder is small and can't hold the amount of urine produced. 

Other reasons why your child may be bedwetting include the following:

  • Health condition
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Infection
  • Is a deep sleeper

Prescribing Medication

Whilst this isn't a solution for every patient, medication can treat a urinary tract infection or illness. Certain medications actually target the bedwetting itself but only for children six or older.

Creating a Bedtime Routine

A doctor from our practice can educate you on a routine that includes restricting fluids at a certain time and creating a bedtime routine that includes pottying. If it happens at a certain time, you could wake your child before the bedwetting happens. 

Recommending Counseling

If anxiety is at fault, a physician may recommend counseling to address the root of the problem, which in return, can lessen or correct bedwetting. 

Bed Wetting Alarm

We may recommend a bedwetting alarm. The alarm senses when your child's underwear is wet and will notify your child so he or she can wake up to use the bathroom. Basically, it trains your child to wake up when he or she needs to use the bathroom.

When you bring your child to us for wetting the bed, we can find a solution that gets to the cause of the issue. The treatment just depends on the source of the problem.

Schedule an appointment with one of our Austin and Cedar Park, TX, doctors at Children’s Urology by calling (512) 472-6134.

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