KEYE-TV: Kids Learn About Surgery From Robot

KEYE-TV visited the Thinkery’s Meet the Robot and Be a Surgeon event sponsored by Children’s Urology. Dr. Danielle Sweeney, the first pediatric physician trained on the da Vinci medical device, helped children (and adults!) get an idea what it’s like to be a surgeon using this innovative surgical option. The goal of the event was to expose children to science and innovation using an interactive surgical simulation.

KVUE-TV: Prune Belly Syndrome survivor has modern medicine to thank

During a prenatal visit, doctors discovered that Megan Guzman’s baby suffered from a condition called Prune Belly syndrome that would require her baby to undergo bladder obstruction surgery once born. Dr. Jose Cortez performed the procedure that improved her baby’s kidney function to normal levels. Guzman is thankful for the medical advancements that have given her son a chance to, not only survive, but live a normal life.

Fox 7: Video Games for Wetting Accidents

Dr. Leslie McQuiston was recently interviewed on Fox 7’s Good Day Austin Live to discuss the use of video games and biofeedback for accidental daytime and nighttime wetting (bedwetting). Parents are typically encouraged to steer their children away from video game. Children’s Urology, however, is using them to help kids overcome the common problem of wetting.