Fox 7: Video Games for Wetting Accidents

Dr. McQuiston_Good Day_Jan 2014_2Dr. Leslie McQuiston was recently interviewed on Fox 7’s Good Day Austin Live to discuss the use of video games and biofeedback for accidental daytime and nighttime wetting (bedwetting).

Parents are typically encouraged to steer their children away from video games. Children’s Urology, however, is using them to help kids overcome the common problem of wetting. Dr. McQuiston explained how the video games allow children to better understand the specific muscle groups they need to use to help them go to the bathroom. Electrodes placed on the child’s legs and stomach teach about the important pelvic floor muscles that control their bladder. By activating those muscles the child is able to navigate the players in the video.

Dr. McQuiston also demonstrated how a digital, vibrating watch is also useful in resolving wetting issues. The watch alarm alerts the child when to use the restroom. These regular bathroom visits can reduce the possibility of accidents.

Wetting Watch

Facts about Bed Wetting:

  • 1 out of 4 children who wet the bed at night also experience accidents during the day
  • About 3-4% of elementary school-age children have accidental wetting during the daytime
  • Daytime accidental wetting is twice as common in girls compared to boys
  • Daytime wetting can be due to a medical condition (infection, for example) but it can also occur as a result of normal bladder development with no medical cause

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