FOX7 Hospital Heroes: Battling prune belly syndrome

Before Aaron Mitchell was born, doctors were unsure if he would survive. Sonogram pictures showed the pressure building inside Aaron’s stomach. Uncertain about his condition or fate, the Mitchell family was referred to Dr. George Seremetis, pediatric urologist of Children’s Urology, to observe pre-natally what might be the cause.

FOX7_Children's Urology_Prune Belly_7:13

“Dr. Seremetis gave us a name for what he had, and an idea of what was going on and said he could fix it,” Megan Mitchell said.

The diagnosis was prune belly syndrome.

“Prune belly syndrome is a disorder of the urinary system where the entire abdomen is lax and causes the abdomen to pooch,” Seremetis explained. “Along with that you have significant swelling of the kidneys and bladder and possible other complications.”

Aaron did not know he was fighting, but he does fight every day with a smile on his face.

“He looks great, his overall prognosis is quite good,” Seremetis said.

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