Getting Through Sweet Season

From Halloween on October 31 through to the New Year, the prevalence of sugary treats skyrockets. Everywhere you turn there is another delicious candy, cookie, cupcake or other sweet something being served, gifted or baked.

Too much sugar in a diet can make kids irritable and lead to tummy aches. It can also lead to a higher incidence of kidney stones. So, how do you keep your kids’ diets on track without being a scrooge? Here are three tips.


1)    Try fruit first. If your kids are craving a sweet, a ripe pear or strawberries might stave off the cookie. So, keep the kitchen stocked with a variety of fruit.

2)    The sugary something should follow the meal. If a child’s belly is filled with a healthy dinner, he is less likely to eat to many cookies. If you’re headed to a party and worried that you might not be able to make sure your child gets a sandwich before the cake, feed him a healthy snack before you leave.

3)    Make it a treat and not a routine. A cupcake shouldn’t follow every meal. Make the cupcake special, and it will thought of as an appreciated treat to your child.

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