KVUE: Robotic Arms Help Operations at Dell Children's

Doctors as Dell Children’s Medical Center have more options now when it comes to surgery. The daVinci Surgical Robot is the first technology of its kind at the children’s hospital.

Mechanical arms do the actual work, while the doctors recreate the actions at a computer terminal watching everything through a high definition 3D camera. Doctors say it helps to get into small areas of the body, especially in children.

Dr. Danielle Sweeney of Children's Urology demonstrates the da Vinci Robotic Surgery technology.
Dr. Danielle Sweeney of Children’s Urology demonstrates the da Vinci Robotic Surgery technology.

“Using the robot has really enabled us to do some of these more difficult operations that were quite challenging before,” said Danielle Sweeney, M.D. in an interview with KVUE-TV.

Dr. Sweeney was the first pediatric surgeon in Central Texas to use the daVinci Surgical Robot on children. She is active in advancing this technology at Dell Children’s and is excited to bring this surgical technique to families in the region and beyond.

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