Kidney Stone Center

Kidney stones are becoming more common in children, which is why Children’s Urology has developed a comprehensive kidney stone program for the children of Central Texas. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), one out of every 10 people will develop kidney stones during their lifetime. The management and evaluation of kidney stones can often be complex particularly in children which is why you want a pediatric expert to be managing your child’s care. Children are not little adults!

At Children’s Urology we take a multidisciplinary approach to treating kidney stones in children. Not only are we experts in the surgical treatment of this condition in children, but we also manage dietary and nutrition concerns to help prevent new stones from forming. Each child has an individualized treatment plan, which includes stone and urine analysis and radiographic imaging. Referrals to other pediatric specialists such as pediatric nephrology, pediatric endocrinology, or pediatric dieticians are coordinated through our office.

In terms of surgical treatment options, our physicians are experts in the laser treatment of stones, breaking stones using shock waves, as well as other minimally invasive techniques using the surgical robot.

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