Inclement Weather Protocol

During the fall and winter months, inclement weather poses problems for some employees and patients in traveling to the Clinic.  In those instances, the Clinic will follow the following guidelines:
1)  The Clinic follows inclement weather closures for Austin Independent School District (AISD) i.e. if delayed opening at 10 am, the Clinic will open at 10 am.
2)  If AISD is closed all day due to weather, the Clinic will have the option to open at 12 noon if a provider requests to come in to see their patients.
3)  When conducting reminder calls, the staff will inform patients that we follow the AISD inclement weather closures.
4)  A posting will be placed on the website to inform patients of our inclement weather plan.
5)  A voicemail will be placed on our phone system for our inclement weather plan.