Children's Urology In the Statesman and Ahora Si: Helping Children Around the World

The inspiring story of Children’s Urology patient, José Catalán, was featured in the Austin American-Statesman and Ahora Si, the Central Texas region’s Spanish-language newspaper.

Dr. Seremetis Dell Children's Global
Dr. George Seremetis during mission trip to Guatemala City. Photo courtesy of Kevin Sweeney.

Dr. George Seremetis met José  and his family during a mission trip to Guatemala City through the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach program. José was suffering from regular infections and other debilitating issues as a result of a terrible bus accident that broke he pelvis among other injuries.

Read more about how Dr. Seremetis, with the help of the Dell Children’s Medical Center community, brought José to Austin to provide him the complex and life-changing surgery he needed.