KVUE-TV: Prune Belly Syndrome survivor has modern medicine to thank

During a prenatal visit, doctors discovered that Megan Guzman’s baby suffered from a condition called Prune Belly syndrome that would require her baby to undergo bladder obstruction surgery once born. Dr. Jose Cortez performed the procedure that improved her baby’s kidney function to normal levels. Guzman is thankful for the medical advancements that have given her son a chance to, not only survive, but live a normal life.

FOX7 Hospital Heroes: Battling prune belly syndrome

Before Aaron Mitchell was born, doctors were unsure if he would survive. Sonogram pictures showed pressure building inside of Aaron’s stomach. Uncertain about his condition or fate, the Mitchell family was referred to Dr. George Seremetis, pediatric urologist of Children’s Urology, to observe pre-natally what might be the cause. He was able to give the family a name for the disorder and, more importantly, hope for Aaron’s future.

YNN-TV: Understanding 'prune belly syndrome'

When doctors revealed an abnormality during a routine sonogram, the Mitchell’s were worried, unsure of the fate of their unborn child. They found relief, however, when they met pediatric urologist George Seremetis, MD for a prenatal counseling session. He not only gave them a name for Aaron’s illness—prune belly syndrome—he gave them hope. More on YNN-TV.