Tips for Stress-Free Traveling With Kids

Holiday travel can be hectic, especially with little ones in tow. Here are tips to keep you and your family safe (and sane!) whether in the air or on the road.

  • Before embarking on any trip, make sure your children know their name, your name, and a parent’s cell phone number.
    You’ll never suffer traveling stresses like the Griswold family with these tips.
  • Teach them that if they are ever separated from you in a crowd to get help from another parent with kids or a person in uniform, such as a policeman.
  • In busy airports, hold hands and don’t let your kids wander.
  • If your child needs a car seat on the plane, check FAA flight regulations beforehand. You can also check with the FAA about approved fluids onboard if you must travel with infant formula.
  • For road trips, ensure car seats are properly installed and seat belts worn at all times.
  • Take care in planning your travel route and anticipate roadblocks, heavy traffic, or weather issues that may arise ahead of time.
  • Sitting still can be challenging for kids, so pack a few small games, toys, books, and stickers for the journey to occupy them.
  • Carry along nutritious snacks as airport fare and roadside convenience stores often lack healthy options. Good ideas include sliced fruits and veggies, cheese cubes, nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, and whole-grain crackers.
  • Once at your destination, whether a relative’s home or hotel, do a quick sweep of the space to eliminate safety hazards. Check for open electrical sockets, steep stairs, fireplaces, and unlocked doors leading outside or to balconies.
  • Dress your family appropriately for the weather. If you are heading somewhere cold and snowy, bundle up. For a tropical getaway, pack cool layers and sunscreen for protection.

And one of the most important travel tips is to remember to wash hands frequently, and use wipes and hand-sanitizer to minimize exposure to germs.

For a fun run-down of other holiday health and safety tips, check out this song by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.


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