YNN-TV: Understanding 'prune belly syndrome'

Aaron Mitchell acts like any three year old. He loves toys, especially cars and noisemakers, and is a big fan of cartoons. Yet, before he was born, sonograms showed some troubling signs that had doctors worried about his survival.

“We had no name for it and we had no idea what the fate of our baby was going to be,” Megan Mitchell, Aaron’s mother said. “This baby is kicking inside of me but I don’t’ know if he’s even going to survive when he’s born.”

For months, the Mitchell’s went through torture wondering if their baby would survive. They found relief, however, when they visited pediatric urologist George Seremetis, MD for a prenatal counseling session. He not only gave them a name for Aaron’s illness—prune belly syndrome—he gave them hope.

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Seremetis_YNNJuly 2013