Dry Solutions: The Center for Voiding Dysfunction

The Center for Voiding Dysfunction at Children’s Urology is a comprehensive clinic devoted to helping children and their families overcome a wide variety of urinary issues. These include daytime or nighttime wetting (enuresis), urinary urgency, frequency and pain, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

What is Voiding and Enuresis?
Voiding dysfunction is a term used by doctors and nurses to describe abnormal emptying of the bladder. Enuresis, also a medical term, is a type of voiding dysfunction that refers to involuntary urination or “wetting.” Most children have control of their bladders by age four for daytime control and by age six for nighttime control.

Evaluation and Treatment
There are many reasons why children have wetting accidents, urinary pain or recurrent infections. Sorting out the issues and developing a plan to make them stop is our team’s goal for your child.

A clinician will do a thorough evaluation and physical exam during your visit. We also use tools such as voiding and elimination diaries to help us to get a better sense of your child’s bathroom use and how often your child has accidents. For children with recurrent UTIs, we work closely with their other medical providers to tailor a plan that is appropriate for the child and family.

After your child’s evaluation, we may recommend a variety of different management plans or tests. This may be as simple as changing your child’s bathroom patterns and diet, or more involved like pelvic floor therapy, biofeedback, or our Pediatric Gastrointestinal (GI) Care Clinic.

Comprehensive Therapy

The Team

The Center for Voiding Dysfunction is under the direction of Dr. Leslie T. McQuiston and is managed by Amanda Ramos Hodge, RN, CPNP.
To make an appointment, please call (512) 472-6134 or request an appointment online.

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